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As a ranching family, long before there even was a Mike Wacker Trucking, the Wacker family was becoming skilled and experienced livestock haulers. Mike Wacker Trucking of Miles City, Montana has been a family owned and operated business since 1999. The business began with cattle hauling: cattle trucks and semi-trucks with cattle trailers hauling livestock from ranching operations in Montana to various destinations.

Today, thanks to a solid reputation that was earned hauling livestock, Mike Wacker Trucking has expanded to offer transporting grain and heavy equipment. Mike Wacker Trucking will now transport as few as two cattle — and up to as many as needed (up to 68,000 pounds per load); grain and feed in our hopper-bottom trailers and heavy equipment. Mike Wacker Trucking is now also licensed, bonded and insured throughout the United States, as well as all of the Canadian Provinces.

Transporting grains and feeds in our hopper-bottom trailers has become the second specialty of Mike Wacker Trucking. If you have grains or feeds that you move, you know the value of hopper-bottom trailers. Contact Mike Wacker Trucking for quick, efficient hauling of your feeds and grains.

Transporting heavy equipment has become a large part of Mike Wacker Trucking. The need for transporting heavy equipment from jobsite-to-jobsite, to auctions, to service centers and to new owners or lease holders has grown immensely in recent years. This is especially true in those areas experiencing a resurgence of oilfield activity. Mike Wacker Trucking responded to these growing needs by expanding its services to include hauling heavy equipment.

This page of the website is only designed to give you a brief introduction to Mike Wacker Trucking. To let you know it's in Miles City, Montana; that it can operate throughout the US and Canada; that it can transport livestock loads from two head up to 68,000 pounds; transport your grains and feeds in hopper-bottom trailers; and transport your heavy equipment. To really find out why you should trust your trucking and transporting needs to Mike Wacker Trucking, we invite you to click through our website – especially the pages About Us and Services.

If you are interested in purchasing used trucks and/or equipment, please visit our Equipment For Sale pages. Mike Wacker Trucking insists on owning and operating clean, dependable, safe trucks and equipment – so the equipment offered for sale, while used, is relatively new, has been well maintained and serviced and is in premium condition.